Individual Therapy

Dr. Napawan uses integrative and evidence-based approaches in the treatment of anxiety disorders, emotional disorders, and traumatic symptoms by integrating relational, CBT, mindfulness techniques, somatic tracking, and attachment to reduce symptoms. She works collaboratively with her clients to determine their goals, and together tracks the progress of the goals over the course of therapy.

Child Therapy and Adolescent Therapy

Children often use play as a means to learn and communicate. Dr. Napawan is skilled in play therapy techniques involving the interpretation of symbolic play to assist children in effectively communicating their experiences.   Dr. Napawan integrates parents into treatment through the use of either ongoing parenting sessions or family sessions to help address the concerns with the child, and provide parents with the skills and support to help their child. Dr. Napawan often treats children experiencing transitions such as coping with divorce, anxiety-related symptoms, behavioral issues, emotional dysregulation issues, and a history of trauma. 

Adolescents often need an outlet to express their experiences at home, school, and with friends.  Dr. Napawan holds this developmental stage in mind, as teens often are struggling with autonomy and dependence.  Often there are social pressures that begin to appear at this age.  Dr. Napawan works directly with this age group in order to determine their own goals, as she provides parenting support. She often works with adolescents navigating identity issues, racial issues, challenges with friends, academic challenges, teens coping with divorce, anxiety-related symptoms, and history of trauma.

Psychological Assessment

Dr. Napawan is experienced in conducting comprehensive psychological evaluations, at community mental health agencies, school-based programs, and hospital settings including Chinatown Child Development Center, Oakes' Children Center, and Children's Hospital Oakland (CHO). She received specialized training in assessing Autism Spectrum Disorder while at UCSF Langley-Porter's Autism Clinic and Children's Hospital Oakland's Autism Clinic.  She also received specialized training in ADHD evaluations while at CHO.

Autism Spectrum Therapy

Dr. Napawan has extensive skills serving children on the Autism Spectrum.  As part of the process of serving children on the spectrum, she can provide evaluations, and develop effective treatments.  She works with children to build on social skills, flexibility, social reciprocity, emotional regulation, empathy and compassion, as well as pragmatic speech through the use of structured play, scaffolding, verbal prompts, building up self-regulation, and behavioral interventions to improve your child's skills.

Dr. Napawan is able to help children who have the diagnosis of High Functioning Autism/Asperger's in individual therapy, or group therapy in The Friendship Group. An initial evaluation is necessary to determine if your child is well-suited for the group. 

Educational Support and Navigating Schools

Dr. Napawan can provide support services in the school setting for preschool and school-aged children when children experiences challenges at school.  These changes may include behavioral concerns, or emotional dysregulation.  

Dr. Napawan builds a collaborative working relationship with your child's teacher in order to provide effective consultation support to address your child's needs. She can actively participate in your child's Individualized Education Plan (IEP)  meetings, and Student Success Team (SST) meetings.


Dr. Anna Napawan is a licensed clinical psychologist (PSY 29931), with 10 years in the field practicing throughout the Bay Area.  She received her PhD from Palo Alto University, and completed her predoctoral training at Children's Hospital Oakland in the Behavioral Pediatric Department and Department of Psychiatry.  She completed her post-doctoral fellowship training at the School-Based Collaboration at the Wright Institute as a supervisor and school-lead providing evidenced-based, trauma informed, systemic, social-justice, and solution-focused services to elementary and middle schools in Oakland Unified School District.

Dr. Napawan has been trained at school-based programs, community mental health agencies, and hospitals throughout the Peninsula, San Francisco, and East Bay. Such agencies include the Ann Martin Center, Oakes' Children's Center, Chinatown Child Development Center (CCDC), Children's Hospital Oakland - Youth Uprising, UCSF's Langley Porter's Autism Clinic, and The Friend's Program in Palo Alto.

Dr. Napawan has been trained to utilize an integrative approach incorporating trauma informed, attachment, mindfulness, somatic, CBT approaches to treat children, adolescents, and young adults often struggling with life transitions, adjustment, anxiety, depression, trauma, divorce, developmental issues, ADHD, autism spectrum, mood disorders, and emotional dysregulation.